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The choice of materials: mere technical aspect or also attention to the customer?

Innovation and sustainability. These are the aspects that we try to make co-exist in the choice of materials for our modular structures.

The selection of materials during the planning phase of a new project requires a thorough study of the context in which the modules will operate and particular attention to the customer’s needs. An exemplary case is the project we carried out for Fratelli Moretti LLC. The resourcefulness, originality and trust that this client placed in us allowed us to apply our skills and all the experience consolidated over the years in a sector that deviates from the construction of purely food plants.

In the 13 hectares of natural oasis available at Moretti Village, our containers house a bar, an outdoor kitchen and changing rooms with showers and facilities for the disabled. For the external coating of the changing room modules, our technicians and engineers, working closely with the customer, chose panels with a COR-ten steel finish.

Do you know it?

Its main characteristic is to “self-protect” from electrochemical corrosion by forming a compact surface coating that takes on a different colour over time. A coating that, under normal environmental conditions, forms in about 18-36 months due to the action of atmospheric agents. If this patina is scratched, the oxidation process starts again to build up a new protection. The decision to use this material was the result of cooperation between Riccardo, head of the technical office, our internal team and the owners of the Moretti Village, who chose it because of the appearance and colour it would take on over time. COR-Ten steel makes the modular structures even more versatile because it allows constant mutation and subjective interpretation depending on the shadows and light effects. It lends itself well to representing the style and rhythms of the Moretti Village both compositionally and socially. This exterior finish becomes elegant when applied in similar contexts thanks to its ability to combine functionality with aesthetics.

The bar and terrace floor are covered with Wood Plastic Composites. This is a series of wood-effect slats made of recycled plastics and bamboo fibre. It is the material of the future. It is 100% recyclable, resistant to humidity, water, UV rays and temperature fluctuations. It does not require any specific treatment, has a non-slip finish and is antibacterial. With bamboo fibre we have succeeded in guaranteeing our customers a clean, durable and above all environmentally friendly product. The different colours and wood-like finishes are the ideal choice for a natural environment like Moretti Village.

Nothing is left to chance. This solution demonstrates our attention to the customer and the context in which they operate.

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