MAIA - Local Food Master

The future of the Earth is the earth

Only the creators quality food can correctly communicate its value to those who eat it.

Today it is no longer enough to produce excellent raw materials but it is also necessary to transform them into good food to be able to sell it. How to do it? With MAIA it is possible. You will have your own point of sale where you can produce, prepare, sell and serve the typical products of your territory and start being part of an international network.


Welcome to the genuine world of Maia.

Maia is the international circuit dedicated to the best local food masters of the world. A unique and innovative project where the individual business initiative meets the strength of a big group. Join Maia and discover a world of exclusive advantages for your new business.

Maia is a business model dedicated both to the owner of an existing farm and to whom wants to create its own brand-new agrifood enterprise. From the breeder to the farmer, from the family-run business to the sellers, up to the young entrepreneur. A project that encourages the production of local food excellences, made in accordance to the tradition and to the demand of a market more and more mature and informed.


Give space to a whole agri-food universe.

Maia store is your shop for the direct sale of the traditional, innovative or customized food, with a glimpse around the world. Here every product of the land and sea can be sold in a direct and autonomous way. Without being subject to price policies and distribution dynamics that are unrelated to the producer but imposed by intermediaries. Finally, you will decide the value, the price and the way of distribution of your product.



Maia store. The beauty of selling in freedom

Maia is a turn-key shop, modular and dynamic, that can be transported and installed in every area or territory of the world. A compact and complete retail place for the storage, the preservation, the serving and sale of your locally sourced product. With all the international force of the brand Maia.

Maia Store
Maia Store
Maia Store
Maia Store

Maia Village. The store becomes village.

Maia Store is a modular and flexible shop, that you can expand with modules for other functions up to the configuration of your Maia Village. An agro-food village with short and integrated supply chain, self-sustaining both at productive and energetic level, in accordance with the model of the circular economy. Maia encourages an environmentally friendly rural development to upgrade the agricultural land, to valorize the workforce and resources of the local communities. An ideal solution also for the trading and touristic revival of depressed and isolated areas, earthquake-hit or developing zones.


Maia: a strongly rooted project.

Maia is based on the solid experience of Self Globe. A company in the Centre of Italy that is specialized in the manufacturing of industrial technologies for the meat and other products processing. The collaboration with authoritative companies, national and international public bodies and research institutes enabled Self Globe to extend its horizons in the field of consulting and training, distribution and international relationships up to acquiring the dimension of a global network. Thanks to its innovative vision, Self Globe offers a complete service of procurement for the setting up of food micro-enterprises, promoting a real revolution of the agri-food sector.

Self Globe offers you a business solution all-in-one to start doing business immediately and without obstacles. Maia’s team is your support in every step of the setting-up and development of your new business. From the customized engineering of the activity space to the consulting to detect international financial facilities and tax advantages; from the installation of the equipment to the start-up of the structure.



Project, transport, installation and arrangement of the business structure. Dedicated module for the preservation: storage, maturing, refrigeration, drying, bottling.



Supply and installation of equipment, machines, arrangement of spaces, infrastructures and productive plants with low environmental impact.



Business management, administration and fiscal management. Market analysis, marketing strategies and export opportunities. Breeding techniques, agriculture and product processing. Quality systems, HACCP and food safety. Staff recruitment, customer and dealer research. Regulations, access to exhibitions and international funds.



Web site and e-commerce, app, web and print advertising campaign, promotional supports, gadgets and customized accessories for the communication on the store.


Where there’s a master of taste, there’s Maia.

Self Globe promotes Maia as a business system applicable everywhere: from the plains to the urban areas, from mountain areas to the desert ones. Thanks to the strength of a global network, Maia allows you to develop trading relations and partnerships with other world producers like you. In this way you can sell, inside your store, the food specialties coming from other countries or locations. This means that you can extend your offer and lay the basis for an even more advantageous development.