Every day we commit ourselves, with dedication and professionalism, to create an international network founded on the values ​​of people and putting their work, their future and that of their families at the center. In synergy with our customers, partners and collaborators that are present all over the world, we take care of the design and construction of fixed and modular plants for the agri-food processing thanks to versatile, patented and tailor-made structures that we adapt according to the different specific needs and situations.

We offer training programs and tutorship; we will beside our customers during the entire growth process, trying to develop even those skills that are lacking.

Furthermore, we take care of the marketing and we do it through our new Brand: MAIA. An international circuit dedicated to the best typical artisans in the world. A new business model that is dedicated both to those who already have an agricultural enterprise and to those who want to develop their business from scratch. From the breeder to the farmer, from the family business to the trader, up to the young entrepreneur… we support and share a path with all our customers until they reach complete autonomy.

The way we operate

Customers are at the heart of our entire system. The projects we create always start right from a detailed analysis of all those issues that concern them personally and that threaten to interrupt their production processes.

Behind every model supplied, and every product we place on the market, there is a deep design process carried out by a team of professional technicians and engineers who take care of the project, starting from technical, sanitary and hygienic standards, up to technical drawings and structural calculations that allow the production and consequently the realization of our products. No detail is left out.

The places of origin, the countries, the different cultures and traditions certainly do not represent an obstacle but instead a strength to be fully exploited to create something inimitable for our customers.

Our sales team follow the customers during their project, supporting them in decisions and advising them in their choices. This consultancy service allows the client to be assisted in carrying out all the practices necessary for the success of the project and to implement the information, opinions or solutions through the know-how and problem solving skills that our staff makes available.

In Self Globe the customer is therefore the real protagonist. What we want is to establish a direct and lasting relationship with our partners whether they are companies or institutions. We do it in a simple and transparent way through a first telephone contact and then supporting them with e-mails, assistance tickets and social channels.

How do we make this possible?

Thanks to our team of technicians, engineers and competent sales team who have developed ideas and services capable of meeting the needs of companies, individual customers, partners and all those institutions that believe in sustainable rural development and in the creation of entire agri-food chains.


Quality, passion and professionalism, these are the values on which, the daily work in Self Globe is based. For us, transparency and fairness are very important; for this reason they have always been an integral part for the company culture. This is what we believe most and what, therefore, we also expect from our collaborators, suppliers and partners in general.