Vision and Mission

Our main goal is to make the farmer independent who, by enhancing the resources of his territory and in complete respect for the environment, through skills and technology, will be able to produce, transform and commercialize a healthy, tasty and sustainable product.

We return a little to the conception that we once had of the "Terra Mater" and that is to rely on one's own Earth and one's work. To achieve this goal, we make available our knowledge and experience, acquired through direct activity in the field, and a technology capable of adapting to the needs of the customer and the different territories in which it operates.

Self Globe provides containerized and customized plants, equipped with all the necessary machinery and technologies to make the agri-food transformation process quick, autonomous and safe, accelerating the development of a short supply chain. Thanks to the adaptability and modularity of these plants, we are able to operate all over the world, offering effective solutions for any type of food processing.

At Self Globe, we do not limit ourselves to the sale of plants and technologies, but also offer consulting, design and training services in order to enhance human resources and spread the culture of sustainable development.

To our customers we offer


Prefabricated and ready-to-use modular plants and fixed systems for any type of food processing. The modular systems are manufactured in accordance with current health and hygiene regulations, as well as designed with particular attention to space optimization and with a low ecological and environmental impact. They can be easily adapted to the specific needs of the customer and are able to follow him throughout his development path thanks to the modularity that characterizes them. In fact, our modules can be placed side by side with others or existing buildings in order to obtain the CE sanitary mark, to increase storage, productivity or to add entirely new productions.


Training courses (professional, technical and informative) that embrace all the most important issues in the sector together with the latest news and all the updates in the agri-food sector considering that this is a constantly evolving portion of the market.


A network, an entire international circuit: MAIA. An innovative project that is aimed both at the breeder, farmer of the family business, and at the trader, a young entrepreneur. This business model encourages the production of local food excellence, made according to tradition, now required by an increasingly informed market. It allows you to free yourself from the logic of industry and large-scale distribution, allowing agri-food companies to obtain greater margins and reasonable prospects for economic growth based on the enhancement of their production characteristics and on well-founded market demands intercepted and shared by the MAIA network.



Ethics is our main self-discipline tool. In Self Globe, the immense work of cooperation and the deep sense of responsibility and awareness make natural some principles that have always accompanied us. To date, we try to integrate our business activities with the respect and protection of stakeholders with whom we interact every day, expressing a more and more active commitment to preservation activities of environmental resources and their conservation for future generation. Our ethical action therefore wants to be a rational incentive to try to understand not only what it is right to do, but also "why" it is necessary to do it.


Our commitment is to contribute to the construction of sustainable communities. How do we do it? Through continuous research and subsequent use of suitable materials and, therefore, creating products that can improve the customer's business and, above all, the environment. Since 2020 we have thus joined an agroforestry project becoming a partner of Treedom. We buy trees all over the world and we also give them to customers who decide to rely on our products; in this way we will give life to the Self Globe’s forest, contributing, together with you, to make a difference for our planet. Treedom allows local farmers to bear the initial costs of planting new trees, guaranteeing food sovereignty and income opportunities. Furthermore, the tree species planted are native or respectful of the different territories and this contributes to the strengthening of local ecosystems and the protection of biodiversity. It is true, we are only at the beginning but we will operate at the forefront for a sustainable future.