Self Globe supports the development of agri-food companies around the world through a systemic model integrating all stages of the supply chain: from the training of specific professionals, to the transfer of technology and know-how, to support for the marketing of the finished product.

Rural Development

The main goal of Self Globe is the development of autonomous food enterprises, capable of integrating all the phases of the food chain: from the production to the processing and sale.

We strongly believe that a model of sustainable development in the sector is only possible through a systemic process: integration of the supply chain stages, innovation of the processes, training of the human resources, innovative technology and production valorisation.

Supply chain integration

Self Globe allows companies of all sizes (micro-enterprise, family business, etc.) to successfully face this process of transformation thanks to a methodology consolidated in over 30 years of international experience. Self Globe applies a model that affects the whole enterprise through an organized process that transfers to the enterprise:





Have you ever thought of building your own customized processing company? Configure it or create your own point of sale through our technology


Training Courses

What do we propose?

Our training interventions can be implemented to enhance skills in the following fields:


With our advanced courses in quality, product, and farm management.


With our specific and customized systems for production processes and methods, HACCP, food safety, tools, and much more.


With our seminars and Webinars on current topics and the most relevant issues, for continuous updating and to explore all the possibilities offered in the agri-food sector.

Case studies

To provide a suitable solution for each of our customers, we always start with the problems they face every day. Find out our success stories.

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Two itinerant dairies in the mountain pastures of northern Italy

A virtuous combination of training, research, processing and marketing. A unique and ambitious model driven by innovation and competitiveness in Alpine dairy value chain.

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From the stable to the shop: Colombaro’s Agrimacelleria

The best Piemontese beef processed inside a container

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Mela Rosa Shop

Mela Rosa Shop arrives in Monte San Martino: the first MAIA-affiliated store with an e-commerce for the sale of local products.

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