This is exactly what we in Self Globe consider the main starting point for any agri-food chain development. For this reason, we offer training and tutoring programs aimed at all people interested or working in this constantly evolving sector. From the farmer to the company operator, from the manager to the agricultural entrepreneur, we train competent, attentive and always up-to-date figures capable of operating and being competitive on an increasingly demanding market.

One of the most critical purposes of training in Self Globe is to promote an authentic "food culture" based on the sustainable management of natural resources, enhancing the territory, the quality of the product, and the consumer's attention.


In Self Globe the training tutor is a knowledge worker who, on the basis of a specific educational project, accompanies the students of a training course through the learning process offering them all the support they need.

It is therefore in charge of solving questions directly related to the teachers and the practical organisation of all planned training activities.

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Training Courses

What do we propose?

Our training interventions can be implemented to enhance skills in the following fields:


With our advanced courses in quality, product, and farm management.


With our specific and customized systems for production processes and methods, HACCP, food safety, tools, and much more.


With our seminars and Webinars on current topics and the most relevant issues, for continuous updating and to explore all the possibilities offered in the agri-food sector.

We organize targeted and specific lessons on all the most critical issues that affect our sector. Depending on the needs of customers we offer:

Basic Courses

Intermediate Courses

Advanced Courses

Specialization courses

Customized Courses

The courses we offer are designed to meet different training needs, to offer everyone the opportunity to enroll in suitable classes, and issue a specific certification that depends on the type of course selected.

What do we do?

We provide two methods of participation: face-to-face or remotely, thanks to the E-learning methodology.


Through the use of asynchronous video lessons, educational material in digital format, and confrontations with the teacher, the user will have the opportunity to enjoy the course from the comfort of home and at any time the day.


The lectures take place in suitably equipped classrooms, thanks to the collaboration of the Self Globe team, our tutors, and highly qualified teachers from various universities with whom we have collaborated for years. Depending on the modalities and according to the courses' needs, visits and practical activities at local agri-food companies can also be provided.