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Start from people to improve company performance.

Time to get your hands in pies … no, in Lego!

Last July, Self Globe asked all its employees to participate in a workshop, organized by Tonidigrigio, with Lego Serious Play.

It is a creative and witty method that allows companies, organizations, teams or individuals to take a step back in an original way to bring out solutions, make decisions and strengthen cohesion between people. 

“Think with your hands” it awakens unexpressed potential and stimulates new ideas, we are witnesses of this. Ideas that we expressed without constraints or fears. Everyone can see and hear what others are saying and, of course, they are actively involved.

It turned out to be an extraordinary Team Building strategy because sharing ideas through Lego bricks allowed us to tell and discover new realities, thus stimulating the discovery of alternative solutions.

Do you know something more fun to learn creativity and innovation with Lego pieces? We assure you that thinking about its own corporate identity has never been so entertaining.

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