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AperiMaia & Sweet

In the convivial and innovative context created in 2020 thanks to Michela Rossi's initiative at Rizzo Pier in Ancona's Ancient Port, this year you will also find AperiMaia & Sweet, an ideal sales model that brings local producers closer to consumers.

For Ancona we created a tailor-made model, born of the conditions imposed following the Covid emergency. It is a preview of the MAIA project as we conceived it. The modular structure consists of two 12-meters maritime shipping containers assembled in a single functional environment and in full compliance with current hygiene and health regulations. Inside, in addition to the cold rooms for preservation of food, there is a laboratory for preparations and an area in which the long-life products from our local farms are exhibited.

The interior of the building still respects the style and colors of the brand. For the occasion, an opening has been set up for the administration and sale of products to avoid crowds inside. A video will show you the history of MAIA, from the idea to the project; the producers who participate and the weekly proposals for aperitifs.

What's new? An innovative machine for making espresso ice cream.
The various stages of production in front of your eyes.

Maia Store
Maia Store

MAIA Project

Maia, in its broadest sense, arises from a need: to give small local farms an opportunity to make their products known to a wider network. It is the true story of small local producers that we want to focus on, to let people know where the materials they use come from and how they carry out their work every day. In Italy and the rest of the world. At the heart of this unique and innovative project is the idea of creating a network, an international circuit of exchange and sharing in which the initiative of an individual meets the strength of a large group.

AperiMaia & Sweet is our showcase, a window specially created for the restart and the first post-pandemic openings. To allow us to return to carefree enjoyment of the authentic flavors of the Marche region. You will be able to taste espresso ice cream, the symbol of genuine craftsmanship and rigorously produced with seasonal fruit, and/or enjoy aperitifs with local products accompanied by glasses of selected wine from the best local wineries.

Inside, in compliance with the regulations, it will be possible to buy jams, baked goods, parfaits, wine, oil, soft drinks and much more. Products that come directly from the farms that have decided to join the project. In the background, all kinds of events and exhibitions will allow visitors to spend hours of fun.

Maia Store

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Maia was born during 2020, the year marked by the terrible pandemic. It is a unique and innovative project based on a careful analysis of the agri-food market. The main requirement? To give small local farms the opportunity to make their products known to a wider network with the aim of creating an international network of exchange and sharing in which the initiative of an individual meets the strength of a large group.

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From the Marche region, discovering the flavors in ice cream.

23 June 2021 - From 20:30

When flavors evoke a land, eating becomes a cultural experience. Our event is born from the desire to rediscover the territory through what makes it truly unique: gastronomy. On this occasion, we will start with ice cream and some of its flavors, together with Silvano Buccolini, a producer of ancient fruits, who will make available those raw materials that are gradually disappearing from the market and which are true rarities for many of us. Some special flavors will be prepared with them, which you will be able to taste during the night.

The initiative will be presented by Tarcisio Senzacqua, CEO of Self Globe, in collaboration with Dr. Alberto Monachesi, Tipicità. Dr. Ambra Micheletti, Head of the Biodiversity Marche project, Master Ice Cream Maker Raoul Trozzo, Dunia Romoli, CEO of Atalia together with Massimiliano Paglialunga owner of Artepan S.r.l. will participate in the event.

La Banchina

For more information on the event, the place and times, visit the website:

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