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Self Globe: the agrifood sector at 360°C

The virtual seminar organized by the Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and Environment (DAFNE) of the University of Padua was held on Friday 23 April 2021 and saw Self Globe and its activities at the center of the event.

DAFNE has always worked to promote the quality of human life, the competitiveness of the agri-food sector and the sustainable use of natural resources, through the production and dissemination of knowledge in the management and improvement of plants, animals, soil and micro-organisms. This vision fits perfectly with Self Globe’s mission which supports the development of small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises by believing in the value of people and full respect for our territory.

Tarcisio Senzacqua, CEO of the company, opened the seminar by telling his story. The creation, in 2014, of Self Globe after thirty years of experience in the food and meat processing sector; the sudden growth we have experienced in the last period and the consequent need to have new, professional and competent figures in the team. Hence the work on the new identity entrusted to a communication agency deemed necessary to bring Self Globe to the whole world. Senzacqua touched on important issues such as ethics, our main instrument of self-discipline, and sustainability, also illustrating the project we are carrying out with Treedom to give light to our corporate forest.

Three speakers then intervened: Edoardo, Irene and Nerio who proposed an overview of the specific area they are responsible for (technology, training and commercialization), focusing on the activities they are currently carrying out. Edoardo began by explaining the types of systems we produce, on modules and on new or existing buildings, and then went on to list the references we have both in Italy and abroad. Irene talked about the technical, professional and also informational training we offer to our customers and the new E-learning platform we are building on the website to allow users to train remotely. Finally, Nerio described MAIA, the brand new store created during the pandemic, that focuses on the commercialization and administration of local products as the last link in closing the food chain.

It was a unique event that gave us the opportunity to tell our daily reality in the simplest and most transparent way possible; it also allowed us to share experiences, ideas, thoughts and new goals with students from an advanced and experimental degree course.

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