On March 2, 2019, Mr. Felix Tshisekedi, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, inaugurated the “100 days project” which aims to revalue the economy and upgrade the well-being of the entire country. Specifically, there would be 13 projects to be implemented, located in 9 distinct provinces and concerning the following sectors: Water, Education, Infrastructures, Electricity and Agro-industry. To complete the initiative in the shortest possible time, the President involved the FPI (Fond de Promotion de l’Industrie) which, in turn, decided to rely on Self Globe, its experience and skills for the complete management of some of the planned projects.

The experts of the Italian company, in fact, were deployed in these pilot provinces to collect the data necessary for the development of the operational plan and the implementation of the initiative. As reported in the documentary, the first project Self Globe worked on concerns the fish industry. The beneficiaries are some fish farmers who, with rudimentary means, engaged in cage fishing for Tilapia.

The FPI, in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), gave them sufficient means to innovate and increase their productivity, Self Globe, on the other hand, took care of the training of the personnel involved in the work. . Thanks, in fact, to Dr. Raffaella Franceschini, researcher, university lecturer and expert in aquaculture and to the Agronomist Antonio Vallesi, Self Globe has managed to transmit important technical notions that have proved to be fundamental and are still functional to make the most of the means provided by the FPI.

In South Kivu, Mulume Munene, in May 2019, the FPI granted a loan to the Comité pour l’Autopromotion à la Base (CAB) which wished to rehabilitate some old structures of an existing farm and acquire a dairy processing unit cow’s milk.

Self Globe took care of the design and construction of the dairy module which was installed in December of the same year. In this way, the country was given the opportunity to experiment with an innovative and cutting-edge model of food technology to transform its milk in a small space.

Self Globe, not only limited itself to making the structure operational but, considering the enormous value it has always recognized in the transmission of its know-how, it sent an internal technician to the field who personally supervised the installation of the system , of the commissioning and start-up of the machinery thus training the future operators of the structure.

One of the main objectives that the Self Globe model wants to convey is to allow farmers to shorten the production and processing circuit, making farms completely autonomous. If earlier, in fact, Mulume Munene breeders needed to travel great distances to transform the milk of their animals, now they will have the possibility of milking and processing internally, significantly reducing costs and favoring the sale of their products to Km zero.

The transformation of cow’s milk also concerns the latest of the projects that involved Self Globe and its staff, in favor of the ACOGENOKI association, in North Kivu. ACOGENOKI encompasses all those farmers’ cooperatives which, due to the various conflicts that characterized the 1990s, encountered serious difficulties in relaunching their activities.

Also in this case the intervention of Self Globe was decisive. In fact, in a few months a second modular unit was installed for the processing of milk which will be used as a collection and processing center for all the farmers in the area. They themselves will be directly involved in the production of cheese, ricotta, butter and yogurt.

Self Globe is proud to have made available its skills and technologies to contribute to the economic and social development of some areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, areas that have experienced serious crises and are now ready to restart.

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