Tarcisio Senzacqua


In 2014, after years of consolidated experience in the slaughtering and meat processing sector, I decided to set-up a project: Self Globe.

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Giampiero Baldoncini

General Manager

After 30 years spent in the administration of a food company, I completely embraced the Self Globe attitude.

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Charles Dadiè Dagò

Development of Institutional and agri-food Chain Projects

After consolidated experiences over time as a teacher, researcher and coordinator of foreign relations in several projects.

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Riccardo Lupetti

Technical Office Manager

After about 12 years of experience in the Italian sales department of a manufacturing company of meat processing plants, in 2015 I joined Self Globe.

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Nerio Nannetti

Energy Sector Manager

I deal with environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and energy production from renewable sources.

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Irene Scinti Roger

Training Area Manager

As Coordinator of the Training area, I take care of the organization of training courses.

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Sara Raschioni

Sales Department Europa and Africa

In Self Globe I am the sales manager for the European and African market.

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Giammarco Ferranti

Sales Department Italy Area

My activity in Self Globe is dedicated to the commercial dimension of Self Globe. My area is Italy.

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Philippe Dafrà

Supply Chain and Product Development

In Self Globe I deal with the supply chain, after several years spent in civil construction and managing agricultural projects in Africa.

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Francesca Cozzi

Administrative Employee

In Self Globe, as an administrative employee, I support the administrative-financial manager in accounting management.

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Antonella Donnari

Logistics Management for MAIA Store

Being part of the operational area of ​​the company, I take care of the direct management of MAIA stores.

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Ilaria Cupelli

Marketing and Communication Area

In Self Globe I am in charge of establishing and maintaining the brand image with the vision and values ​​of the company.

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